Why investing in Slymetrix?

Why investing

Because Slymetrix is the key tool to enable e-commerce to improve its performance and thus achieve the expected economic goals (increase sales and profit by at least 30%). The e-commerce market is growing steadily and today has around 15 million online shops. 

Because we have developed a 100% scalable Full SaaS business model, cloning successful international models with the intention of attracting the attention of large international groups interested in acquiring the startup (exit). 

Because our goal is to achieve an exit within 3/5 years of incorporation that will allow investors in this round to get x10 return.

Why Invest by Gabriele Taviani - CEO Founder

I am Gabriele Taviani, 52 years old today, and I have been working in the field of online marketing in Italy and abroad for over 20 years. I actively collaborate with Netcomm Italy as a specialist in E-Commerce Marketing. I am highly sought after and constantly receive job offers for RALs of over 120k per year. 

I am also a small investor and for some years I have had the dream of making a millionaire exit. One of those exits that gets people talking and settles you for life. I made a first attempt in 2012 with a startup called PayPerSocial, but the market for investments in startups was not yet ready for a SaaS Social. Since 2014 (after 8 years of work experience in Sao Paulo - Brazil) I decided to prepare a new startup to launch on the market. I studied cases of startups with RoundA/E and Exit in the Ecommerce Marketing sector with great success and taking inspiration from them in 2020 I created SLYMETRIX. 

Technological innovation

The main analytics technologies are mono-directional, i.e. they only analyse the tracking data of the e-commerce site. In addition to offering site analytics functions, Slymetrix also enables data management, i.e. it allows data to be uploaded and cross-referenced with the site's tracking data in order to identify deviations of results from targets.

Business growth forecasts

The latest version of the financial plan includes 3 phases of:

  • Traction 12 months (end Q1 22) - Target: 4000 registrations of which 1000 paid plans;
  • Acceleration 24 months (Q1 23) - Target: 13000 registrations of which 4500 paid plans;
  • Ebitda 36 months (Q2 24) - Target: 30000 registrations of which 10000 paid plans.
Returns for investors

We have planned 4 investment rounds in order to be able to make an exit within 3 to 4 years after constitution (2020):

  • 2020 - Round 0 - Acceleration Program (LVenture) - 200k
  • 2021 - Round 1 - Traction (CrowdFundMe) - 400k
  • 2022 - Round 2 - Acceleration (CrowdFundMe) - 1000/1500k
  • 2023 - Round A - 4000/5000k
  • 2024/2025 - Exit - > x10

Until March 2021 we have invested in the development of the digital platform released in BETA on 10 March. During this period we have put a lot of effort into creating a solid network through the online academy, which to date registers 320 e-commerce managers and digital agencies (out of over 1500 leads in the event registration forms) who have chosen to follow our methodologies and performance analysis techniques.

Through social networks, we engaged nearly 4000 potential customers. Between September and December 2020, we activated 9 digital agencies and 56 e-commerce clients assigned to them to beta test the Analytics solution.

We decided to keep the Full Free plan for the duration of the beta testing, i.e. until the end of June. We need the beta testing phase to collect feedback from users and to complete and fine-tune the first version of the platform, which should go online in early July

Covid-19 impact

Slymetrix contributes to the successful digitisation of distribution systems, enabling companies that want to integrate e-commerce as a sales channel to make this transition successfully. E-commerce is a real lifesaver for the economy and consumption in times of covid-19.

We have contributed by providing totally free professional training and information through our online academy to over 1400 managers of e-commerce companies and digital agencies.

Investment in Research and Development

Slymetrix Analytics was developed by a team of experts in data analysis and online platform development, using in this case a complex cloud infrastructure provided by Google. 

Therefore, the investment in research and development will be allocated to personnel for analysis and software development and the acquisition of data management technologies and tools.

Investment in Marketing and Distribution

Like any SaaS solution, the sales process is mainly online and via industry events considered as touch-points. Therefore, investments in marketing include costs of internal marketing personnel, costs of affiliation and sales representatives, investments in digital media and online community platforms and finally investments in online and offline events.

Business Analytics Software MARKET

Slymetrix is positioned in the Business Analytics Software Platforms market. The global Business Analytics Software market size was valued at $53.68 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $120.27 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 10.5% from 2020 to 2027.

The retail and e-commerce segment is the one with the highest growth, as retailers are using business analytics solutions to analyse a vast volume of data to understand how to achieve expected results. In addition, business analytics gives retailers and e-commerce companies the right tools to turn data into actionable information.


Platform developments - Data Management

Behind E-Commerce and digital media there is a lot of data and different tracking and information gathering techniques with strict rules to ensure user privacy. Our goal is to improve the management of tracking systems by achieving 99.9% accuracy of the data displayed, avoiding direct behavioural tracking of users. We intend to adopt management and calculation technologies for large volumes of data (cloud technologies) while maintaining a relatively low customer cost. 

Platform developments - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We have laid the foundations for evolving our mathematical algorithms into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence systems that will make decisions on behalf of platform users. The aim is for the tools themselves to suggest how to manage investments in order to improve performance.

Marketing and sales strategy

Slymetrix ANALYTICS is aimed directly at e-commerce companies with an entry level solution, which starts with a FREE plan and develops into paid plans starting at €9.90 per month.

In the traction phase we aim to distribute the FREE version as widely as possible by increasing the number of users who have registered for the tool and consequently activated it. In order to achieve this, we are counting on strategic partnerships with companies already working for e-commerce, digital agencies and of course organisations such as the Netcomm Consortium in Italy. 

To accelerate the volume of subscriptions and use of the platform internationally, we will adopt innovative marketing techniques based on referral communities such as AppSumo. These communities, together with a platform for comparison with other similar systems, will introduce the tool to e-commerce managers all over the world.

Once users have registered for the free version, we will work internally to convince them to migrate to a pay plan by offering them additional special features and services.

We are also developing an internationalisation plan that includes the opening of commercial branches in the US, Singapore and Sao Paulo (Brazil). The objective of the branches will be to manage the invoicing and electronic collection of subscriptions, as well as to coordinate partnership and commercial sponsorship activities in the various countries. 

On the application side, the platform, thanks to Google's Cloud ecosystem, will be localised in the different countries with a system of synchronisation and centralisation of customer and partner data. In the post-Round 1 period, we will start developing a partner platform that can be linked to e-commerce accounts with administrator functions (Shopify Partner model). This platform will allow us to engage digital agencies and technology partners who want to integrate our technology into their e-commerce technology offering.

Gabriele Taviani - CEO & Founder

Gabriele has over twenty years of experience in digital marketing in Italy, UK and Brazil; he has created platforms of Advertising Trading Desk, Behavioral Tracking and Retargeting for e-commerce. He has been e-commerce Director of Emozione3 (Smartbox Group) and Digital Officer of Bottega Verde. He is the author of «Retargeting Management», Hoepli 2017 and Professor of the Masterclass «Digital Marketing for E-commerce and New Retail» of Netcomm Academy.

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